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About Swing Dance NT

Swing Dancing in Darwin happened when the Hot and Cold Big Band began playing at The Rox club on Mitchell St., the first time a big band had a steady gig in over a decade. With a great floor to dance on, a great sound to dance to, swing dancing happened when swing enthusiasts decided to start having informal lessons and socials to compliment the band, getting more people on the dance floor.

With a foundation of East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, and Charleston, Swing Dance NT formalised later that year to host the first Darwin Lindy Exchange, Swingtastic and invited Jake Meadley from Swing Patrol to come up and workshop.

Since then, Swing Dance NT has continued to host Swingtastic as the Darwin Lindy Exchange and invite other teachers and performers a chance to enjoy swing in true territory style.

About Quito washington

Quito Washington has been promoting swing dancing in Darwin since 2000 and with Swing Dance NT has been the leading force in carving out a niche for swing dancing in Darwin on the national scene. Besides being the founder and leader of Swing Dance NT, Quito also travels Australia promoting swing dancing in Darwin.

Swing It: The full length musical starring Miss Kelly Ann Doll

In 2008, Quito made a full length film about swing dancing called Swing It, you can download it online here. The film was shot in Melbourne, Australia and has been sumbitted to various national and international film festivals. The film is set in modern times but is shot in the style of 1940's romantic comedies.




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