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What is swing dancing?

Swing dancing is partner dancing from the 1930s-40s. It is usually danced to swing jazz (think Big Bands), though in Darwin we tend to dance to just about any live music with a good beat. There are several different basic styles and rhythms that fall under the swing umbrella, but the main ones you might see around Darwin are Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing (ballroom style), Partner Charleston, Solo Jazz and Charleston, Blues and Balboa. Because we have a range of dancers on our dance floors, you’ll see just about every style being danced at some point. 

Where are your classes located?

Visit our Facebook Page  for the latest information or join us every Wednesday evening at the historic Darwin Railway Club in Parap!

Do you have different levels in classes?

Our Wednesday class is designed as a social class so that people can learn a few steps and more importantly, meet everyone. Which makes it heaps easier to ask someone for a dance!

How much do classes cost?

The lesson during the band break is free with your paid entry into the Railway Club.

I’m a total dancing beginner, can I swing?

Of course you bloody well can! We welcome beginner dancers to all of our classes except for some of the master classes on Monday nights. We are a dance scene that values social interaction and live music above ‘perfect’ technique when it comes to dancing. We also welcome non-dancing friends and family at our social and live music events!


What should I wear to classes and socials?

For classes, wear clothes you are comfortable moving and sweating in. For socials, wear clothes you are comfortable moving and sweating in. Some people dress up on Wednesday nights, and some people wear T-shirt and shorts! If you are someone who sweats a lot (and to be fair, that’s ALL of us during the Build Up), consider bringing some spare shirts to change into. The only exception to the comfy and sweaty rule is dressing for performances, we like to dress with more care for public performance / teaching events


Do I need a partner to attend classes?

While it’s super fun to learn with a friend, most of our regular dancers came to their first classes by themselves! We rotate partners throughout the class, so you’ll always have someone to dance with.

Who dances?

Everyone! We have dancers of all ages, all genders and all walks of life on our dance floors!

What about online resources?

There are a lot of online resources for Swing! Here are a few handy links:

Lindy Hop Basics

Charleston Basics

East Coast Swing Basics

Learn the Shim Sham

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